Back from the future!

A report from the future: we’re back! 2

Last Tuesday, we traveled far, far away, into the future. We took our futuristic vehicles and outfits, and assembled at Humane Labs and Research. As always, thanks to everyone who joined: threep, mike, toyota, nop, mathilya, lorsch, jeff, gloozy and grey.

At the parking lot, we showed off our most crazy, shiny and old-school outfits, accompanied with even more stylish cars. After a classic voting contest, we declared 4 winners, who scored 5 points: grey, mike, toyota and myself. Congratulations all! After that, with lorsch’s guidance, we tried to sneak into Humane Labs. After series of complex glitches, everyone except toyota failed to spawn inside. Funny thing was, me and jeff managed to pop up on the roof of the building! 😛

Then, we kicked off the playlist, which started with strange winter race, won by me. We continued with angry birds capture, in which honorable mention goes to toyota for delivering 3 eggs – most of us all. Next, we raced in jeff’s duel race, won by its creator. Mike’s blitz LTS followed, in which we realized how important equal amount of players in teams is – in all 3 rounds, team with minority wasn’t able to get a single kill. After that humiliation, we jumped high from the sky with parachutes. I managed to win, with only 5 points ahead of jeff.

Then, we raced the streets of Los Santos, won by jeff after a great comeback. In our famous “sticky” deathmatch, threep became the bloodiest of us all. As always, lots of sticky bombs and RPG blasts ruled the streets. Finally, we battled on my pursuit-styled race. In the center of this madness, jeff completed the hat-trick, winning once again and showing great skill in evading numerous angry cops.

Jeff also won the playlist, with me in 2nd place and gloozy in 3rd. As always, congratulations all for attending and making it to the end (with disconnections or not!). For afterparty, we played some new adversary modes, including Overtime Rumble and Overtime Shootout.

This time, due to PC problems, we have no livestream, but the photos below will more than compensate. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “A report from the future: we’re back!

  • mattiejas

    Many thanks for the brilliant report mathilya, and for assembling those nice pictures together with mike. So sad I missed it!! Perhaps we can have a repeat of it some day… 🙂

    • mathilya Post author

      Thanks for proofreading. And yeah, we certainly should repeat it. I am sure that whole crew wouldn’t mind the sequel – there were 3 films of this series after all 😉