Lumberjack hackfest.

Lumberjack hackfest: who lost least limbs? 5

And we had yet another lovely meeting, this time organised as a lumberjack hackfest. Thanks all for joining: toyota, roof, mathilya, dancing_sheep, mattie, jeff, reacher, chevi, lorsch, threep, grey, and sotnoose. Also thanks to frigger for a friendly guest appearance at the end. Finally, thanks to reacher for suggesting the theme and for helping to set up the playlist.

To start, we assembled at the Bayview Lodge near Paleto Bay. After a public morning shower under the Lumberjack Statue, we continued with an outfit contest. Special mention to roof for originality, coming as a nature/peace activist. However, the true lumberjacks won the contest, with threep and reacher getting most votes. This earns them a swag of the week title, congratulations!

Following, we had a quick run through the woods, for a group picture at the Paleto Forest Sawmill. To test our axes, we continued with two gang attacks, using axes only, like real storm troopers.

For the playlist, we started with an axe hackfest around the lodge. Here, mathilya amazed everyone with no less than 17 kills, and just 7 deaths. Next, we battled a motor war in the forests around Paleto Bay, where lorsch amassed most kills, leading his team to the win. A lumberjack bike race by renowned creator cyclopic followed, where jeff took the tricky win. For more chaos, a lumber mill deathmatch followed, where sotnoose lead his team to the win.

To get some air, a slipstream race around the Paleto Bay mountains followed. Here, mathilya, jeff, mattie, and toyota arrived at the finish first. A really fun old style custom Sumo job followed. Here, honourable mention goes to threep for staying on the platform for the longest time, despite being on the losing team. Next, we had a rockstar stunt race in bikes around Paleto, won by mathilya. To finish, we ended with a wonderful game of bowling.

Once more, mathilya ended in first position, with jeff in very close 2nd place. Congratulations to both of you for a stellar performance!

As always, it was fun, and I hope everyone had a good time! Below, you can find some highlights. Additionally, the livestream is on twitch. Already looking forward to our next meeting!

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