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Offroad party: who was the master of mud and dirt? 3

Last Sunday, Lorsch and Dr. Insane made their debut in orchestrating a crew event: offroad! This time, we faced hardest terrains around state of San Andreas. And so, beside our orchestrators, Doozle, Mattie, Hegg, Threep, Rochen, Grey, Jeff, Roof, Vill3m, Reacher, Venjam1n and myself were present.

We assembled at sawmill in Paleto Bay. After traditional visits of cops and muggers, we raced down Chilliad State Park Wilderness. Sadly, the game celebrated my win by disconnecting me from session. Then, we moved to Lago Zancudo for some sunshine spectating and group pictures. Swampy ground devoured some of our offroad vehicles. Filled with fear, we jumped to the playlist.

As for beginning, Vill3m’s offroad race on the east side of Mount Josiah, won by me. Hegg gave us patience lesson in following marathon race. It took 9 minutes to race winner, Roof, to complete it. Next up, my track around Vinewood Hills. No idea who actually won, as I disconnected while being on the lead – from times comparison it seems I won it. My terrible internet conenction this evening made everyone distracted in another Hegg’s race, when I was lagging around the whole screen. That probably helped me to win once more.

Gloozy’s classic race in mountains followed. In the center of chaos, disconnections (including mine) Roof was the first to cross the finish line. Then, Roof’s race in the canyon, which abounded in many car drops and spinouts. This time, first place went to Jeff. Finally, we played Mattie’s offroad angry pirate capture, with numerous hilarious crashes and escapes.

Well deservedly, Roofstone won a playlist once more, ahead of Jeff and Vill3m. My score is always going to remain an unknown because of 5 disconnections during single playlist. Thanks to Doozle, I received proud “DC of the Week” title on Discord. But as always, congratulations to everyone who joined and had fun during all the party!

The livestream is in its usual place. Enjoy and see you on our next crew event!

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