New Year party – time to open your champagne!

Not a long time ago we celebrated arrival of 2019. Not much time has passed and new year is approaching. And, like in last three years, we will party. We will party so loud, that the whole State of San Andreas will hear us.

This time, we will assemble at the little peninsula in Paleto Cove. Pick your craziest party outfits. Please take your festival buses too – if you don’t have one, any other fancy car will do the job. Finally, it would be great if you could equip a bottle of BlĂȘuter’d champagne (any variant). My schedule for the party goes as following:

  • climbing Mount Josiah with festival buses
  • flight in party plane to LSIA
  • dancing on blimps
  • midnight champagne and love test in arcade

…with many fireworks in the meantime. We will end this year with some fun, non-PvP jobs we enjoyed throughout in the Old Year.

If you have any other ideas how to celebrate New Year, please let me know. Looking forward to see you all there!

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