Friendship: a heartfelt activity and party report

A friendly gathering

For the last event of July, we assembled to celebrate friendship! We kicked off at the Casino penthouse, to enjoy some friendly drinking, a group shower, a few games (including the bedroom, better not ask about details!), and some movie watching. We then moved to the Arcade for a game of Love Professor, where jordan and madebywitt came out hottest. That earns them a love expert of the week title!

Fun and games

Next, we went to the Binco store on Sinner Street for a game of cosplay, dressing in couples as a favourite GTA character. There, villem and beavis dressed as Tommy Vercetti. We also had a Claude couple with marwa and herokin. And we saw a Lance Vance quadruple with gegkastar, mathilya, madebywitt, and jordan. However the most unique couple were threepwood and aleksander, dressing as Paige Harris, where you had to see the combo to see the picture! That earns them a creative dresser of the week title on discord.

We continued to Mirror Park for a group photo. We then played a game of mimic yoga, where couples had to mimic movements as quickly as possible. The best mimickers were gegkastar and mathilya, earning themselves a mime of the week title. We continued to clean up the neighbourhood from some unfriendly gangs, and had some fun at the fun fair.

Nightclub dancing

The next part of the event comprised of nightclub dancing, where we visited everyone’s club in turn. Thanks to all for such splendid choice of music! We enjoyed:

Crew jobs and challenges

We then jumped into the playlist for a lot more fun with crew exclusive jobs. Pictures say more than words, and you can find plenty of them below. Highlights worth mentioning are myst and threepwood owning everyone at the backwards piggy back riding challenge, earning them a piggy backer of the week title, and herokin going overboard with hugging in the hugging contest, earning him a hugger of the weak title. In addition, jeffrey, villem, and marwadiator earned themselves a friend of the week title. Here’s a full score sheet of all activities:


Thanks to everyone for joining, and for sharing in all the fun: myst, threepwood, herokin, mathilya, gegkastar, jordan, madebywitt, aleksander, jeffrey, villem, and marwadiator. Pictures of the event are provided below, kindly provided by myself, villem, beavis, threepwood, aleksander, and mathilya. Thanks so much for helping out!

I already look forward to our next party.

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