Save the earth this Sunday!

Following COP26, the time seems ripe for another environmentally themed crew event. Let’s save the earth and assemble this Sunday (tomorrow at the time of writing) at 2pm CET at Los Santos International Airport. Note the unusual time, to give our friends from Eastern time zones also a chance to join. In case of doubt, check the countdown timer.

Temperatures have been rising, so please come dressed lightly.

On the menu:

  • The Los Santos Power & Water Department are hiring brave souls, with a promise of good pay and cheap life insurance. Do you have what it takes to save the earth? And pigeons? Join their wind farm pigeon safety testing tryouts!
  • Learn how to fly in the most energy friendly way, be it across the map or into space.
  • Help the LSPD to cut methane production. Police chiefs have requested your assistance in encouraging cops to eat fewer donuts. This is estimated to reduce methane by 69%. And it will also save us all from some ghastly smells.
  • Encourage the local population to leave the car at home, and to consider alternative modes of transport.
  • Help the city planners inventorize clean energy production across Los Santos.
  • There will be a range of challenge questions concerning the environment and climate change, pertaining to both science facts and in-game facts.

I look forward to see you all there!

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