Introduction and rules for Cops n’ Robbers: The Ice Cream Job

Here is all the info you should know before tonight’s event. If something is unclear then I can clarify it before we start.


You’re a robber who has eagerly accepted a task from Moodymann to deliver some caramel ice cream to him for a free ticket to Cayo Perico. Your mission takes you to Vespucci Beach where you steal a cone from a little girl. Now you have to move fast because an army of cops, who are having lunch at a nearby seafood restaurant, have just been notified of this robbery. You steal a truck standing by a lifeguard tower and try to deliver the goods as fast as possible to LSCM where Moodymann is currently hanging out and then hurry on the next flight to Cayo Perico for your deserved vacation.


General rules

  1. Meet in invite only session I have set up.
  2. Bring along good mood.
  3. Try to keep the chaos away from meeting areas so that the event can run as smoothly as possible.
  4. One round lasts 10 minutes or until one of the following criteria has been met:
    • The robber has completed all the objectives;
    • The escape vehicle has been destroyed;
    • The robber has died.


If you are the robber:

  1. You start from a lifeguard building on Vespucci beach (point A on the map).
  2. You can only use the vehicle provided by the host.
  3. You are not allowed to use any weapons, except for completing the task mentioned in point 4.2.
  4. During the round there are 3 objectives that must be completed and in the following order:
    1. Achieve 3-star wanted level;
    2. Throw a sticky bomb anywhere on the Los Santos Car Meet building (Point B);
    3. Reach inside the Pegasus Concierge hangar at LSIA (Point C).
  5. Points are given based on how long you survive the chase and for completing any objective.


If you are a cop:

  1. Steal a Police Cruiser (Interceptor) before the round starts.
  2. You start on the parking lot of La Spada restaurant (Point X on the map).
  3. You can begin chasing when the round starts, there is no waiting time.
  4. If your car gets destroyed during a round then you can steal any car you find on the street, personal vehicles are not allowed.
  5. You can shoot the robber with a pistol or a shotgun when (1.) the robber’s car is stuck AND (2.) you are outside of your vehicle. All other weapons are forbidden.

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