Trackmania Turbo crew event: report & pictures 4

We’ve had a really great and exciting crew event last Friday!

Starting out with a car meet at the local supermarket parking lot, everyone showed off their cars in all sorts and sizes. Someone tipped off the cops (… me?? surely not!!!! well at least not intentional ^^), and additionally some gang members did not appreciate our presence very much – with one gang member even trying to steal our bus. The meeting thereby descended into wonderful chaos. We may choose a safer and less exposed place for the next car meet. 😉

We then continued with the main attraction of the evening: a crew race with as ultimate price – kindly provided by Nopitch – a Trackmania Turbo game key. Nopitch surprised us all by choosing the F620 as the car of choice, indeed an excellent choice providing a fair playing field for all, as this is not a car that we usually race with. A big congratulations to Kassz for an amazing best lap time of 1:16.948, besides also being the overall winner of the race! An honorable mention to Jeffrey for being only half a second slower than Kassz.

We ended the evening with Honki’s ETCL Mix 1 playlist, which for once – by methods still mysterious to myself – I managed to win. The final ranking was tight, with poor Jeffrey dropping down to 4th place from 2nd place only at the very last moment, leaving the 2nd and 3rd place to SnackitWH and Kassz. Well done everyone!

Below are some highlights of the evening. Enjoy!

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