Chinese new year: report & pictures 3

We had a great and fun party, and thanks everyone for joining: gloozy, geg, nop, toyota, myst, mattiejas, mike, raijin, stoic, roof, jeff, kassz, meriander, mathilya, and lorsch!

We started off at my apartment for the usual craziness. Fun and drinks ensued, but due to a fortune cookie, myst got stuck at the couch, lorsch couldn’t get in, and chastity couldn’t leave, so we continued at mathilya’s place for more trashing. We voted on outfits, won by raijin with no less than 11 votes, and geg, stoic, and lorsch tied in 2nd place with 10 votes. Well done guys!

We continued with some fun at the pier, before starting our usual playlist.

The playlist opened with broughy’s grand prix in muscle cars, impressively won by roofstone, with honorable mention to kassz for getting an amazing fastest lap time. We continued with a really fun capture – fighting over the last few crates of fireworks – created by roofstone especially for this occasion! Next, we had a tank party, created by kassz, where raijin cleverly went off the radar for a surprise attack. We continued with one more of roof’s jobs, “overtime rush hour”, where we had to deliver a car. By pure luck somehow I managed to deliver the car instantly… still not sure how that happened!! 🙂 We continued with one of kassz’s sniping maps, which led to some frustration, but gloozy amazed everyone with some really great kills despite the challenge, and an honorable death by swimming with the fishes (undoubtedly already preparing for our next fisherman party!!). We continued with kassz’s insurgent GTA race in Fort Zancudo, impressively won by raijin who also got an amazing best lap time at the same time. We ended the night with our usual “bowling” party, and a parachute jump, once more won by raijin, with roof in close 2nd place.

The winner of the playlist was roofstone, with raijin in a very close 2nd place – only 4 points behind. Well done both of you!!

Below are some highlights, and the live stream can be seen on twitch as usual. Enjoy!

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