Valentine: report & pictures 2

We had another great meet-up! Thanks to all who joined: raijin, mathilya, roofstone, jeffrey, mike, gloozy, mattiejas, toyota, chobi, kuro, exar, nop, geg, madred, kassz, snack, tulliola, and grey.

To start, we kicked off at Mirror Park for a nice “couples” showdown. After an exciting vote, the winners were jeffrey and kassz as “I love you!”, mad and gloozy as “the pimp and his worker”, and grey for having the sexiest male underwear. Well done all!!

This time, we had a slightly shorter playlist than usual as some jobs had to be dropped due to the large group.

First, we had a rally race created by madred, won by kassz and jeffrey! Next, we had a very tricky but pretty fun avalanche run on bikes suggested by mathilya. By good fortune, geg got the honour of having a whopping 62 kills due to a glitch. 🙂 Following, we had a stunt race around the dock area. Once more, mathilya demonstrated once more his great skills, and roof impressed everyone with an amazing comeback to 2nd place. Next, we had a pretty fun deathmatch created by madred once more especially for this event. Most noteworthy, snack took the crown on this one with 38 kills! Next, we had a race around Blaine County, once more won by mathilya, with jeffrey in close 2nd place. Finally, we had a mandatory game of bowling. This time, roofstone had the great idea to simply spray people off the platform with a fire truck.

The winner of the playlist was mathilya, with roofstone in close 2nd place. Note that a glitch caused roof’s score to be misrepresented, it is corrected below. Well done both!

The live stream is in the usual place, and some highlights are below. Enjoy!

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