Construction worker event: report & pictures 3

We had a great crew party last week, this time around focused around the construction worker theme. So, thanks to all who joined: lorsch, mike, jeff, geg, toyota, stoic, raijin, mattiejas, kassz, mathilya, roofstone, venjamin, kuro, and madred!

To start, we kicked off with our usual outfit and vehicle vote. Once more, everyone brought quite original vehicles and great outfits, with special mention to jeff for bringing a truck, foreman mike for bringing his pimpmobile, raijin for a fully health and safety compliant orange flashy outfit, and lorsch and roof for bringing a dozer. This time, the winner of the vote was roof, with the dozer and an amazingly well matched outfit. So congratulations!

proud winner of the construction worker event

We continued with a climb on top of the crane. After quite a bit of trying, most of us eventually made it, for a great view and smashing jump back down to safety.

For the playlist, we started with a boxing match, where skill meets bamboo internet, embarrassingly to my advantage. Next, we did kassz’s Faggio race, won by roof by mere milliseconds ahead of mathilya, due to a superb racing line in the last seconds of the race. Well done both! We continued with a construction site shootout, a construction themed race in sport classics, one of madred’s wonderful captures, one of roof’s more challenging (but equally fun!) races around the construction site, mike’s brawling map with the airtugs, to end with a game of angry birds. The lead was extremely tight between myself and roof. In the end, roof won by 3 points ahead of myself after a great battle. Congratulations roof, for such stunning and amazing performance throughout!

Some highlights are below. The live stream is on twitch as usual. Enjoy!

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