High life party this Friday 3

Let’s live and enjoy the high life, both literally and figuratively! We’re on for Friday 9pm CET. This time, we’ll assemble at one of the mansions at Lake Vinewood Estates; the one with the large pool and the jumping board has plenty of space.

At the party, we’ll show off our most expensive and exquisite cars and clothes, do a synchronized jump off the Vinewood sign, take a ride on Faswan (the shiny horse on Portola Drive in Rockford Hills), climb to Mount Chilliad, and race your most expensive cars, planes, and helicopters through Vinewood Hills and across the country side. The plan is to do a mix of high life and mountain themed jobs for the playlist. If you have any suggestions of well tested and balanced jobs, do let me know in time.

Finally, thanks to mathilya & lorsch & roof for suggesting the theme. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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