Gunrunning group shootout.

Gunrunning and arms trafficking: casualty report 8

Our gunrunning event was once more well attended. Indeed, again we reached the limits of our playlist! Thanks to all who joined despite the short notice: gloozy, nop, kassz, toyota, roof, mattie, myst, mathilya, madred, lorsch, eine, julia, witt, sotnoose, mon, and 63gallon. We also had guest appearances from george and misterstahn.

Never ever did we have a larger car meet! Everyone brought their brand new MOC to Sandy Shores airport. Kind apologies followed any accidental killings and muggings. After a complementary group pose, we started the playlist.

This time, the playlist centered mostly around racing in the gunrunning county of Sandy Shores and around Fort Zancudo. Appropriately for the theme, the occasional GTA race could not be missed. Hefty battles ensued, with honourable mentions to nop, misterstahn, roof, witt, and mathilya, for great wins! Special mention goes to toyota for amusing stunting during kassz’s GTA race at Fort Zancudo. But condolences to roof for an unfortunate disconnect whilst holding the playlist lead. In the end, witt once more won the playlist, just one point ahead of mathilya, with stunning overtake at the last parachute jump. Congratulations!!

Finally, we finished the evening with some of the new gunrunning DLC activities across the crew.

As always, a high quality upload of the livestream is on twitch. For your enjoyment, you can find some highlights below.

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8 thoughts on “Gunrunning and arms trafficking: casualty report

  • Roofstone

    Well it was good times while I was there at least. Would’ve been ahead by 1 after that race I DCed during. Would’ve made for an exciting playlist finale.

  • sotnoose

    It was a really nice event to be honest. I loved the warm welcoming and if it wasn’t for me having to make dinner I’d have stayed till the end of it. At any rate though. It was really well organized, the highlight for me was when we all gathered and some NPC mugged someone and attempted to flee using my chopper. (Didn’t really work out for him) And of course not to mention the badass rapid shooting that we all did. As for the quick games we played, I did really bad but it was fun overall :} (Also. Amazing pictures!)

      • Gloozy

        Well, it is a kind of tradition at each of our events.
        Someone sends a robber to take charge of robbing one of us.
        No one knows who is responsible (some suspect it is Mattiejas or his double).
        It’s a bit like the mystery of Mount Chiliad … a lot of theories, but few certainties.