Back to the future!

Back to the future v2 this Monday 1

In order to keep the momentum going, we’re on for tomorrow for another crew event, or rather, a reiteration of an old event, namely, back to the future!! So, dress as Marty, Lorraine, Doc, Clara, Biff, Mr. Strickland, or perhaps a mysterious time traveler. Or maybe you feel like Andy? Be sure to bring your fanciest time travelling machines, be they in the shape of a car, bike, or even a hot tub. What do you think about how far we can go back into the future?

Like last time, I suggest that we assemble at Humane Labs. After reaching 88 miles an hour and procuring 2.21 gigawatts, we will jump in time for a playlist. If you have suggestions for jobs, just leave a comment or send a message over social club. Also if you have ideas for activities outside the playlist, be my guest and share your thoughts.

As always, I’m looking forward to seeing you all there! Note that we may experiment with crew only or friends only session this time, to make it easier for people to reconnect after disconnecting.

From next week on, we will resume the usual crew event doodles.

Finally, thanks to mathilya for once more setting up the playlist, and to mike for creating the featured image.

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