Car theft city 2: pre-post and rules 11

Alright guys! As you know we’re on for Wednesday, and it behoves me to make a small post beforehand explaining the rules in broad terms, they are few and they are simple. But they are non-negotiable, designated to give everyone an equal footing and to ensure the most fun encounters and competition.


Rule Number One:

You can use all special abilities. EG; muggers, merryweather, airstrikes, etc.
Exempt from this is passive mode and CEO/MC abilities. Those are forbidden.


Rule Number Two:

You can kill each other, steal vehicles off of each other, whatever GTA goodness you can image; you can do it using almost any means.
This is all about winning And you are facing off against each other.

Exempt from this is the drop off area. It is a safe zone and violence against each other in there will not be tolerated.

Rule Number Three:

No explosives. Grenades, rockets, jets and helicopters. Any weaponized explosion will cost you a point.
Airstrikes are exempt from this rule.

Rule Number Four:

Do not bring cops to the drop off zone. If you have a wanted level when you arrive with a vehicle, the delivery will be null and void and you must bring another one.

Rule Number Five:

No special vehicles: no weaponized tampas, no flippers, no armored giants, no nothing. We’re all facing off mano a mano.


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