Sumo: who smacked the hardest?

And we had another great and varied fun-filled crew experience, this time themed around sumo! First, thanks all for joining: dr.insane, reacher, armina, kuro, chev, lorsch, threep, dieter, roof, jeff, mathilya, hegg, mattie, and kaldlunch, with special guests shazzle and gulo. A huge thanks also to chev for putting together an awesome playlist and orchestrating the event. A big thanks to jeff for making most of the pictures you can enjoy below. Finally, also thanks to mathilya for proofreading this post.

To start, we assembled at the docks on a roof of one of the warehouses. Thanks to all who brought a cargobob to help with the heavy lifting! Once everyone had their car lifted to the roof, we literally kicked off. A hefty battle of bashes followed, in an all-against-all game of freemode sumo. This time, mathilya and dieter were the last two standing. Therefore, both earned swag of the week titles on discord. Congratulations! Reacher also deserves special mention, for bringing a car with trailer to the fight.

Next, we continued with chev’s playlist. First, we played a standard game of sumo, in coupes. However, all that kicking wasn’t enough. So, we continued with a crash filled race through tubes and intersections. There, dr.insane took an amazing lead, and an impressive win! Another game of sumo followed, this time in kurumas. For sports, a game of Panto football followed. With truly skillful moves throughout the game, roofstone earned a Ballon d’Or award. We shall repeat this job for sure.

Following, we vented our anger through 1st person hand-to-hand (or rather, bat-to-head) combat. There, jeff impressed with the highest K/D ratio, and mathilya harvesting most crushed skulls. Mathilya’s crazy intersection race followed, where both intentional and accidental crashes dominated the race. We rolled on with a game of bowling, and another intersection race, this time created by roof. Headaches were endured! To finish, we had another sumo game.

In the end, jeff came out on top, with roof and mathilya in close 2nd and 3rd place. Also special mention to dr.insane for keeping a strong lead throughout the entire playlist. He only got overtaken at the end of the playlist, and still ended in a very honorable 4th place.

As always, you can enjoy some pictures below (thanks again to jeff for providing most of these), and you can watch the livestream on twitch as well.

Thanks all for the good times, and I already look forward to our next event!

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