Sumo crash.

Sumo soiree: bash your ride this Friday! 3

This Friday at 9pm CET, chevi will run the long-awaited and highly anticipated sumo party! For freemode, please bring a standard normal supercar (nothing special). First, we will lift all cars to the top of a roof of a warehouse in the docks – jeff has already located a suitable site. Then, we will do a freestyle all-against-all last man standing sumo for deciding the swag of the week. For the second part, chevi will host a playlist with sumo style jobs. If you still have suggestions for chevi, just send him a message with the link to the job via discord. When doing so, please make sure the job is suitable and well-tested, and fits the sumo theme (in whatever way!).

If you have any further ideas, especially for the freemode part, then do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I look forward to seeing you there!

Finally, thanks to chevi for suggesting the theme and for agreeing to act as party host, to everyone who completed the doodle, and to everyone who helped testing jobs for chevi and helped shaping the plans, especially jeff, mathilya, and insane.

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