Cops versus robbers.

Cops versus robbers causing carnage in Los Santos 5

Once more, our cops versus robbers event was a massive success! So, thanks to everyone for joining: doozle, meriandar, threep, dr insane, mathilya, chevi, lorsch, jeff, dee, roof, mattie, mike, tosya, hegg, lerni, and special guest gulo. Also thanks to mathilya, roof, and lorsch for helping with preparations, to mathilya taking the lead in hosting the event, and to jeffrey for helping with the pictures.

This time, we assembled at one of the parking lots in the city center. Once everyone procured a cop car, a fantastic feast of lights and sirens followed. Even for rockstar it must have been too much. Indeed, the game insisted on reclaiming any cop car as soon as we no longer laid eyes on it.

Without further ado, everyone took turn in trying to get away from the cops, in an inconspicuously pink Vigero. Consequently, an amazing carnage of crashes, flying parts, and car pyramids ensued. Of the many epic moments, worth mentioning are:

  • roof’s amazing interception of lorsch,
  • hegg’s game of cat and mouse in the car garage at the airport,
  • mattie’s unsatisfiable urge for golfing no matter the situation,
  • mathilya’s bumpy offroad rollercoaster,
  • jeff’s mad driving skills through even the narrowest alleys, and
  • tosya’s insane escaping tricks.

However, in honesty, so many more epic moments occurred, far too many to remember all. Certainly, I missed a few too in the chaos. So I need apologize for not mentioning more, and for missing out any of your favorite ones.

The cops versus robbers survival times were:

  • tosyalist/mathilya/jeff 5:00
  • heggizen 4:39
  • chevilles69 3:25
  • lernious 3:03
  • roofstone 2:25
  • mikemichael 1:45
  • mattiejas 1:40
  • threepwood 1:37
  • lorsch 1:36
  • deanne 1:31
  • dr.insane 1:26
  • meriandar 0:56
  • doozledoo34 0:53

For making it to the five-minute limit, tosyalist, mathilya, and jeff earn themselves a “robber of the week” title on discord. For the epic interception, roof gains a “cop of the week” title on discord. As always, you can watch the livestream here. Furthermore, roofstone kindly created a video of one of the moments, and you can also enjoy some further highlights below!

Again, thanks all for joining, and I already look forward to our next event!

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