Cops versus robbers.

Cops versus robbers: which gang will you join? 2

For our next event, this Sunday at 9pm CET (tomorrow!), we have planned something special: cops versus robbers! Thanks to roof for originally suggesting the theme, to lorsch for helping to flesh out the plan and providing a draft for the instructions below, and to mathilya for proofreading this post and for helping with some of the finer details.

The plan is for one player, the robber, to go against the rest of the session (the cops). If we are with many, we could have a team of multiple robbers against the rest of the lobby. Before we start, each cop gets their own police car. Obviously, these are very easy to acquire by getting a wanted level, stealing a cop car and calling Lester. The robber gets a normal street car. Because cop cars simply cannot catch up with some cars, we will probably only allow standard coupes and sedans, which spawn normally in the game. So, no personal vehicles. For fairness, we may simply settle on a single standard car for every robber, if feasible.

Everyone then assembles at a certain spot of the map. A good location would be one of the parking lots near the North side of the city, such as the dealership parking lot in Vinewood that is featured in Blow Up II. When the round starts, the robber gets a 10 seconds head start. Then, all the cops follow him. The goal for the cops is to spin the robber out and trap him in one spot so he can no longer move. When the robber is immobilized for 10 seconds, the round is over. We may set a time limit for the cops.

When the round is over, another player is the robber and a new round starts. The match ends after each player has been the robber at least once. The robber, or team of robbers, who have escaped the cops for the longest time wins the event.

If there is time, we may do a cops versus robbers themed playlist as well. But this will be a bit shorter than usual.

I hope this is all clear. We do not need to do it exactly as described, and if you have further good suggestions, please leave a comment!

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2 thoughts on “Cops versus robbers: which gang will you join?

  • mathilya

    Some more suggestions:

    As a preparation, please acquire a police car (Cruiser) and drive it to meeting location. My proposition is to meet at the parking lot at Los Santos Customs in city center. We tested some cars for robbers and we found one which seems to be suitable and not too much overpowered. I saved it already as my personal vehicle, just for easier access and quick repair. There are no performance or armor modifications.

    I think we should have a limit of 5-6 minutes for each robber to escape. Assuming there will be 10 of us (according to the doodle), each escape + time for potential escape/police car repairs and returns to the “base” will take some time.

    Escape boundaries – the car we picked might be faster in terms of top speed that Police Cruiser. My suggestion is to avoid highways (but maybe it’s too strict, IDK).

    No weapons allowed. Cops can only ram robber’s car.