Thunderball: a report from the deep blue 2

Our thunderball party was a great success, with another wonderful turnout. Thanks to all for joining: doozle, lerni, mattie, kassz, insane, hegg, mathilya, roof, mrsalem, lorsch, jeff, reacher, sotnoose, gulo, and chevi!

To start, we assembled at the Calafia Train Bridge for a plunge into the river, before getting carried away by the rapids. After some fun in the water, we flew to the other side of the map to explore an underwater shipwreck. Gnar joined in with the thunderball theme song for atmosphere. Unexpectedly, we created a new plane wreck too. Once we had enough of the underwater beauty, the cops decided to spoil our party. And so we continued with our playlist.

First, we had a game of RPGs versus armoured cars. There, lerni and hegg showed the best skills at making squash. We continued with a bike race over the ocean, with an unexpected elevator finish. Amazingly, lerni took the lead at the last second, in front of mathilya and roof. We continued with a traditional game of bowling, followed by a Deluxo race over land, water, and in the air.

To blow off some steam, we continued with a baseball battering in an electrified courtyard, where mattie took the power play with bamboo internet amazing skill. We continued with a great transform race created by roofstone. A game of sumo followed, and one of mathilya’s bumpy but entertaining races. A last game of sumo finished the evening.

In the end, roofstone won the playlist, ahead of mathilya and hegg. This earns roof a player of the week title. Because this was hegg’s first crew event, managing to get the 3rd place, hegg deserves a recruit of the week title. The livestream can be seen on twitch as usual. As always, you can enjoy some highlights below; special thanks to lorsch for providing some extra screenshots! And finally, you can also enjoy a special video that roofstone made in the early hours this morning right after our party:

Thanks again to everyone for contributing to the event, especially those who suggested jobs (lorsch, roofstone, chevi, and mathilya) and/or helped testing them. Also thanks to mathilya for proofreading this post. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did, and I look forward already to our next event!

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