Get ready for the cutest party ever!

It’s certain that GTA is a game which does not abound in cuteness. However, this Wednesday, at 21:00 CEST we’ll try to prove differently. We’re going to find out that even in soulless and mean Los Santos there is still some place for pinkness and enchanting creatures like us! :P

This time, we’ll assemble at well-known playground at Vinewood Hills. Bring your cutest vehicles and outfits so the great rainbow blooms above us. After that, in sake of sweet theme of our event, we’re going go visit another playground, nearby Lost MC place. For the playlist, I’m going to prepare mostly harmless jobs, featuring cooperation rather than violent rivalry.

If you have further cute suggestions on what to do on the event, don’t hesitate to share them with me. Classically, thanks to everyone who completed a doodle plus special thanks to Mattie for providing featured image for this blog post. See you tomorrow!

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