Roofstone as VIP: thanks!

Thanks roofstone for everything you have done! 5

I’d like to express my big thanks to roofstone for having served as lieutenant and commissioner for an extremely long time.

You have been so instrumental in building up the crew throughout the years, and in shaping its purpose and character, through helping to make constructive changes to how we do things in the crew, helping with recruitment, organising some of the most awesome crew events, and just generally being an awesome positive force. This crew would not be the same now if you had not been around. I still fondly remember that day you joined, all of us a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. However, we immediately melted for the sun that is your heart. You’ve been teaching all of us some valuable lessons in life, and I am ever so indebted to you.

So, thank you again for all the support you’ve provided, in words, and in actions. Those good memories will always remain, and will always fill me with warm fuzzy feelings.

Thanks so much!

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5 thoughts on “Thanks roofstone for everything you have done!

  • Roofstone

    Thanks for the warm words! The feeling is naturally mutual, I’ve never before found a more friendly and welcoming place online than right here with all of my friends in ETCL.

    Activity may be down across the board but nothing can take away the memories and good times. Here’s looking forward to the next DLC resurgence, or GTA 6. ;)

  • mathilya

    Some retrospections:
    – First ever race with Roof, in the rain in Futos
    – Car Theft City events
    – Installation of the new bionic arm
    – Comments on “depressing” Dutch songs
    – Cinnamon boy courtships
    – Broken chair
    – Waiting for new Futo liveries
    – Discovering of toilet appliances
    – Fire alarm, but Roof still decides to play GTA

    And many more. Through all these years, Roof provided us with many useful suggestions how to organize our crew, not mentioning many themed GTA jobs, which are being played on crew events. That being said, yeah, no doubt, Roofstone is a very important part of Ethical Retinue. I say “is”, no “was”, as we’re still looking forwards to play with you. Hope you’ll manage to find some time to join us for hour or two :)