Pink power party – pink memories

Pink is a very interesting colour. It definitely has that special something. Adds some sensuality, attractiveness. This is why Heroriks, Villem, Sal, Mattie, Grey, Witt, Doozle, Threep, Roof and myself gathered together in Los Santos – to feel the power of this special colour.

We assembled at Pink Sandwich in Vinewood. After everyone arrived, we took some pictures and went for a freemode challenge. This time, participants were asked to find small, pink (obviously!) Issi. After 3 minutes of searching, Witt proved his Sherlock skills and found the vehicle. This grants him Swag of the Week title on Discord.

After that, we jumped to the playlist:

  • A race with compact cars around Strawberry, won by Roof
  • Slipstream adversary mode (sadly, no team was granted with pink outfits…)
  • Neon pink maze deathmatch with pool sticks
  • Parachute jump, won by me
  • Capture on electric course
  • And finally, my pink stunt race, won by Villem

Technically, I won the playlist, but Player of the Week title this week goes to Villem, who finished 2nd, followed by Mattie and Witt.

This time, pictures and screenshots were provided by post author, Doozle and Threep. Morever, Mattie’s party recording can be found here. Thank you all for coming and hope to see you on next crew events!

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