Finally five: a joyful birthday celebration report

Freemode fun

As the crew turned finally five, we assembled last Monday in celebration for the occasion of the crew’s birthday! After sharing some champagne and cigars, we moved on to the party bus for a first group photo. There, gloozy, in good tradition, kindly invited his mugger friend. He kept inviting his mugger friend throughout the evening. Therefore, he earned himself a mugger of the week title on discord! We then moved to the fun fair for, well, fun, on the fair, managing to make for a nearly full roller coaster.

A few trivia about the crew’s past were posed. These were excellently answered by witt, mathilya, roofstone, and doozle, earning themselves a sage of the week title. However, herokin impressed everyone with a really lucky guess, earning himself a clairvoyant of the week title! A swim to the yacht jacuzzi followed. Our guest jordan won the race, in close tie with mathilya, and he will be our hot tubber of the week. Finally, we ended the freemode part with a visit to the nightclub. After some drinks and dancing, we did a traditional MacBeth challenge. There, geg managed to wake up the furthest, on Mount Chilliad, earning himself a MacBest of the week title. However, special mention goes to villem for spawning at the Epsilon cult!

Playlist and pictures

Next, we resumed with a series of historic, but also some lesser known crew jobs. Pictures speak louder than words and you can find lot’s of them below, provided by myself, threep, myst, mathilya, doozle, beavis, warlock, marwa, and villem. A special mention goes to mike for winning the Faggio race with a lawnmower, becoming our speedrunner of the week. A huge thanks to everyone who joined the celebration: villem, mike, marwa, nop, darth, abdukov, mathilya, lorsch, gloozy, geg, myst, warlock, threep, insane, beavis, reacher, witt, doozle, herokin, and our guest, jordan. For good memories, a recording of the event is in the usual place. Cheers to many more good years to come!

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