Routine alteration party report 2

Last Monday we had another crew event. This time, we left routine behind and went on trip around State of San Andreas, searching for ordinary things, which could be done in a bit different way.

We kicked off at the southernmost point in the city – little beach near Los Santos International Airport. Witt, Warlock, Villem, Mattie, Myst, Aleksander, Geg, Beavis, Doozle, Herokin, Reacher and Threepwood joined me there, just to find out treacherous seawaves started to sneakily sink means of transportation we used to arrive. In order to protect against further losses, we quickly evacuated to my yacht for group picture and finding a good sitting place to watch sunrise. As a next freemode challenge, we split into teams for a race to the northernmost point in the state. With a twist – each team had one plucky Faggio, which needed to be boosted by driving in MC formation. Unfortunately, many problems were encountered, so the race was shortened to Up-n-Atom Burger restaurant.

At this point, I experienced many disconnections. That resulted in delayed start of final challenge, which was climbing up Mount Gordo in slow cars. After many confusions, escapes, everybody made it to the top of the mountain, for another group picture and start of the playlist. This time we tackled the following jobs:

  • race on ice with very slippery Jesters
  • football match with Scramjets
  • unusual air deathmatch, also known as Air Quota
  • boxing match, with many one-punch kills
  • Villem’s backwards truck driving capture, this time without clowns and with just 2 teams
  • Witt’s sumo-styled king of the hill
  • and finally, my stunt race with lawnmowers and dozers

And that concluded our party. Thanks everyone who joined. Here, I’d also like to express my gratitude to Warlock, Threep, Beavis, Aleksander, Mattie and Villem for providing snaps and screenshots. 108 pictures is a really solid score! You can also enjoy party recording provided by Mattie. See you on the next event.

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2 thoughts on “Routine alteration party report

  • mattiejas

    Thanks for the lovely report and obviously also for the great orchestration. One correction: our recent birthday party from last May had more pictures, so not quite a record here, but still it’s nice to have so many snaps from so many people!