Just an Event party – ordinary report with pictures

Sometimes simplicity is the best expression of fun. And so it was at our last crew event, where everyone had freedom in the way they expressed themselves at the party.

We met in front of Maude’s trailer. Many fine guests arrived – Mattie, Witt, Aleksander, Threep, Beavis, Villem, Warlock, Doozle, Lorsch, Jordan, Marvey, Dr.Insane and Herokin. After a quick introduction, we split into teams and tried to push the big orange ball from Up n’ Atom Restaurant with atomizers to the railroad tunnel. Unfortunately, game mechanics split the ball in the way everyone saw it in different place. Therefore, we caught the latest train to the airfield, where a TillyAirlines plane took us to the city. As the airport didn’t allow us to land, we parachuted in pairs to clothes shops. We reassembled on Alta Street parking lot in order to show off our winter styles. This contest was won by Doozle, with 10 votes.

Next up, a trip to the casino. After typing some numbers, we spun a roulette wheel to find out who turned out to be the luckiest. This time, Mattie correctly betted on number 23 and won this challenge. Then, we participated in history lesson by racing on the recreation of track made in 2016 for the Acting Out event. Like back then, there were many crashes and funny situations. Finally, we tried again with ball pushing, but with no success. So we jumped to the playlist:

  • hunting pack adversary mode recreation,
  • LTS with atomizers,
  • city race on Oppressors,
  • Witt’s bridge building capture,
  • DB’s sumo with Caddies,
  • KotH in Dunes,
  • and a parkour race with parachutes and power plant sightseeing.

I’d like to thank Doozle, Beavis, Threep and Aleksander for providing screenshots and snaps from the party and to Mattie for recording our event. Can’t wait for the next event!

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