Saving Christmas event this Saturday

Welcome happy little workers. Our tasks aren’t simple by any means. Apparently, the rest of our colleagues have become ill and won’t be able to complete their tasks. Only the research team and us are still operational. They claim to be on the verge of making a mold-breaking discovery. For unknown reasons, they don’t want to share any further information about the project. How rude, right? Well, it is up to us to save Christmas and bring happiness to everyone.

Time is running out and if we don’t hurry this year will be a disaster and Santa will be really disappointed in us. Did I mention he fought the flu too? Well, I am mentioning it now. We not only have to worry about manufacturing toys but about distributing them as well. As I said not simple at all.

On the eleventh of December at 4 pm, Easter European time put on your green coats and comfy shoes. Let’s not disappoint everyone.

Credit to caveman for providing the picture.

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