High Stakes, Race Wars on Sunday!

The fastest ETCL event is back! For the fourth time, Race Wars will take place. This year, it will be 9th of January, 16:30 CET.

Let’s get straight to the business. Since last year, many new faces started to appear on crew events and I don’t know everyone’s racing skills (which will be crucial when dividing you into teams). Therefore, as a mean of preparation, all participants are asked to:

  1. bookmark this race and play it solo,
  2. set it to 1 lap, with custom cars off, car class: sports, pick Issi Sport,
  3. do your best in finishing the race as fast as possible – you can try as many times as you like :),
  4. make a screenshot of results screen,
  5. send it to me via Discord DM.

Apart from that, not much changed since previous editions – we split into teams, choose our vehicles and race for the win. Before that, we will meet at the parking lot in Morningwood, just northwest from Ponsonbys. No dress code this time! Bring your fastest rides though. Vehicle picks will follow. And let me just recall the most important rules:

  • A colour will be assigned to each team and it will be used as a vehicle paintjob for the entire playlist.
  • Before starting a playlist,I will type via in-game chat which vehicles are available for each class – that list can be also seen in the table below. I’ll also share it on Discord just before the event starts. Every teammate must take a different vehicle from mentioned, so each team will be racing with the same set.
  • Like last year, for each selection of cars in a given class, there will be 1 joker vehicle (much faster than others) and 1 bogie vehicle (way slower than others). Rest of vehicles are at a similar pace. Difference in performance is bigger than in previous iterations!
  • Each team member will be assigned with an amount of joker, normal and bogie vehicle (based on their skill).
  • In the lobby, for clarity, I’ll recall vehicle choices for everyone.
  • In order to maximize the amount of time to pick a vehicle, after choosing a vehicle, please don’t press “ready” button on bets screen – as doing so can set the timer to 10 seconds and consequently make time for decision much shorter. Just choose a car, press ready and on bets screen don’t press anything. Of course, while in the lobby timer will be extended. We should have total of 90 seconds to remind everyone which car to pick + potential 60 seconds on vehicle-pick screen.
  • Race settings: non-contact, custom vehicles off, weather clear, daytime noon (or morning).
  • In case of uneven teams, arithmetic mean will be calculated as overall team score.
  • Like last year, there will be one special race, not counting towards final results – the winner will be granted with Tilly’s Prize 🙂 I removed it from the main playlist, as its presence corrupted the order of races you can see in the table below.
  • The playlist can be found here.

Race info

You can already start getting familiar with all these machines – however, bear in mind that the vehicle you’ll race with will depend on the amount of players participating in the event and team lineup. I’d like to thank everyone who completed a doodle, special thanks go to Witt, as majority of tracks in the playlist I know because of him ^^

Excuse me for longer lecture than usual, I hope I covered everything. Increase your revs. And see you on Sunday afternoon!

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