Two events: off-road adventures and exotic exports.

Two events this weekend: off-road adventures & exotic exports

All are warmly invited to not one but two events this weekend!

Off-road adventures

Pete & Ganz will host some off-road adventures today. Pete writes: “Most four wheel drives never get to tackle anything more than the school run. This is why we’re going to meet up next weekend to put our pampered SUVs to the test! Join Ganz and I as we set different off-road challenges in all kinds of weather. Let’s see which ones can handle the tough stuff and which ones should stick to the highway. The meeting point will be the shops in Mirror Park, marked on the map below.”

“No dress code for the event, but please bring with you an SUV or Off Road vehicle that is suitable for transporting children to school. This means that it must have doors and some sort of roof to keep the little ones dry! The Draugur is not allowed in this event. It is too OP and not suitable for transporting children. The event will consist of a free mode off-road challenge followed by a few jobs that our crew mates have created, with an off road theme. There will be snow on some jobs ⛄. Once again, the Draugur is not allowed in the jobs. However, you can choose any off road vehicle from the allowed list for these jobs. There will be a number of challenges to be attempted during the jobs and some spots where we will meet up for a short photograph break. Some of the jobs are GTA races but there is strictly no PvP allowed during this event.”

Exotic exports

For exotic exports, the saga continues tomorrow: “Saxtus and mattiejas warmly invite you to the second round of our exotic exports experience this Sunday. As the news of our epic tale of the mystical blue pills reached Rockstar, they have put double money on exotic exports this week. So, let’s further spread unity and balance across Los Santos. Though evil forces attempted to thwart our plans by breaking everyone’s Autoshops, Princess Robot Bubblegum‘s unrestrained yearning for justice has now mended them all. We’re all set and ready to proceed!”

I look forward to seeing you at these two events!

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