Peace event this Friday 6

Thanks to all who completed the doodle – we’re on for this Friday 9pm CET! Given the atrocities occurring all over the world that have affected pretty much every single person on the crew over the last few months, we will dedicate the next crew event to peace and togetherness. Let’s unite under the flags of the Los Santos Golf Club (on the side of the green, just near the entrance). We’ll start with a car meet and outfit vote as usual.

Contrary to previous crew events, this time we will focus on non-violent peaceful activities such as a group ride on the Leviathan at the fun fair, a group skydive (after a few sips of champagne from the crew’s golden Luxor to ensure we are really well in the air before the jump), a few races, and parachuting. If you have other ideas for peaceful activities, please give a shout in the comments.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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6 thoughts on “Peace event this Friday

  • Rivlien

    Man I am sorry I’ll miss it, hope you all have a great time! I might see about trying to make a fun race for you if I find the time, but no promises this time.

    • mattiejas Post author

      Ok roof – we will very much miss you indeed!! No pressure concerning that race, I was thinking to use honki’s “weekend trip” – it’s a pretty relaxing bicycle race, and I won last time (milliseconds from nop) so if I can win it, it can’t be that hard… 🙂 I was also planning to use broughy’s version of “cutting coroners” but force us to use hippy vans or some other slow vehicle.

    • mattiejas Post author

      That’s wonderful, Seamen! It seems such a long time ago that we played, so I’m particularly looking forward to seeing you at the crew event once more!!