New lieutenant: mathilya! 5

I’m extremely pleased to announce that we have replenished once more our Lieutenant ranks: mathilya has kindly agreed to take up the new role. Mathilya joined us back in May, and has recently been more and more active in the crew to become a well valued and truly respected ethical player among us. Thank you, mathilya, and congratulations!!

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5 thoughts on “New lieutenant: mathilya!

  • mathilya

    I saw other members being promoted to lieutenants and mostly they were the ones, who submitted 1st “thank you” comment. Gloozy was faster than me in this case, so I feel like I have just disturbed tradition 😛 I should say (again), thank you boss for kind words about me, commisioners and other lieutenants for accepting me in my new role. So, I am doing it now.
    PS: Special thanks for MadRedDead for trolling me so hard about promoting me and ordering me (as Lou Tenant) to join Discord 😉

  • MadRed

    Damn! I missed the chance to be the first to congratulate 😀 Congratulations Mathilya. 🙂

    Sorry for my absence btw. Been playing Fallout 4 for a few days. Also binge watching Dexter season 1-2. Just started season 3. You know how it is. You play the same game over and over again, you kinda burn out. I don’t want that happening with GTA so I kinda take these little breaks. Wouldn’t wanna loose the community we got here.

    The first time I heard “Lou Tenant” was when I was playing Fallout New Vegas a long time ago. It was some kinda side mission I think:D.

    PS: I still haven’t seen any benefits of being a liutenant Mattiejas. I want special superpowers like batman 😀


    Vote / Player / Reason

    Votekick /Gloozy /First to congratulate Mathilya.

    Gloozy is higher ranking though 🙁 Probably wouldn’t work XD