Colourful 80’s party this Sunday 9

We’re on for this Sunday 9pm CET! Thanks to all who completed the doodle as usual. Also thanks to mathilya for suggesting the topic.

We’ll gather on the promenade to kick off with a car meet and outfit vote. Since the punk movement fits very much with the 80’s, you can simply come again in your punk outfit with your punk car for the 80’s event, if you like. Otherwise, be as colourful as you can, have a funny hairstyle, and yes of course you can also bring your seashark (or aircraft carrier!).

We’ll do a standard playlist, and perhaps we’ll also try to do a race with hydroplanes (dodo’s) in Vice City style. If you have any suggestions for the playlist, please give a shout in the comments below, or just send me a PM with the link!

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