Acting out this Friday 2

We’re on for some acting this Friday 9pm CET! This will be an unusual event. We will shoot some scenes for a crew movie that kassz wants to make. So there will be no playlist or votes or anything. Be ready to do the same scenes multiple times, and make sure to join discord for optimal communication. A rough plan for the scenes we will shoot are:

  1. Ending scene. We all dress classy, featuring the crew color and crew emblem in subtle (or less subtle) ways. All crew members advance together, with a big explosion or fire in the background. Potential location: Observatory.
  2. Opening scene. Kassz will fly in over the city to arrive at Los Santos International Airport, with the team waiting in front of their vehicles. We then leave each with our vehicle in order.
  3. Car race. We do a race, not to win, just to make beautiful shots. We stay close enough and avoiding contact so that everyone can be on the video, with fine overtakes and so on. Kassz will set up a race for this along the highway, or alternatively we could use one of Rockstar’s races on the highway.
  4. Bike race. Same as the car race, but with bikes. We could use Jeff’s race which has many nice turns through the hills.
  5. Boxing. A staged boxing ring fight, with dodging and pretty blows. We will use kassz’s boxing job.
  6. Deathmatch. Basically a staged shootout. Anything could work here. Rockstar’s deathmatch on Fort Zancudo (we did this one during the last crew event) might work well for this.

Time permitting, we may also do some other scenes.

Finally, thanks to all who completed the doodle, and many thanks to kassz for suggesting the idea and putting everything together. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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2 thoughts on “Acting out this Friday

  • mathilya

    A.D.2: I have an idea: bring your fauvorite vechicle or one, that in your opinion look nice. These vechicles don’t need to be themed (no dead bodies inside 😛 ) – might be your T20, Hakuchou or just a car/bike you mostly use in game. CU soon.