Thug life report: who’s the toughest gangster? 5

We enjoyed a good thug life last Saturday. Thanks to all who joined: mathilya, jeff, gloozy, stoic, toyota, mattie, mike, geg, roof, raijin, lorsch, grey, and p90!

To start, we assembled at the parking lot near Wade’s apartment, for a car meet with great tunes, great cars, and awesome thuggish outfits! As usual, cops knew where to be for their barbecue. A few unfortunate souls fell victim to local robbers too.

Thug couple

After a group picture on the rooftop, we started our playlist. First, we had a street race in SUVs, kindly provided by roof, through lesser travelled narrow downtown alleys. Jeff came out top through all the congestion, closely followed by roof and myself. But gloozy also deserves special mention for best lap time. Well done! To find out who’s the toughest thug, we had two rounds of mike’s hand fight, where jeff and myself had no less than 4 kills each of the rounds respectively. Following, we had a car capture once more made by roof. Chaos ensued and a good battle followed, where jeff again led the bunch by superb delivery! Next, we did once more roof’s ghetto race in muscle cars, this time dominated by mathilya, with roof and jeff in 2nd and 3rd place.

The next job was a new fight club map especially created for the event again by roof, with great eye for detail, in a superb location with a wonderful thug feel to it. It looked like the blue team was losing, but toyota and myself completely turned around the odds and defeated the whole red team by our own hands. Well done toyota, great to have had you by my side!! Next, we had another one of roof’s races through the industry district, in coupes. This time roof won the race, through a cunning comeback in the last stretch, with myself and jeff in close 2nd and 3rd place. For the last job, we did roof’s Grove Street last team standing, where lorsch and geg were the leading players.

The playlist was won by jeff, with an impressive 95 points. Well done! Also mention to roof and myself for a well deserved 2nd and 3rd place.

We ended the evening with a really fun series of gang attacks all across Los Santos, where mathilya took the lead in showing us all the special places to activate them. That was quite original and really fun to do, thanks!

This time again a special treat: a video created by roof about the event. I want to express my strong thanks to roof again for all the input into the event; the jobs were great, and the video makes for another awesome memory. The twitch livestream can be seen in the usual place too.


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