83427 in the pub.

Thank you 83427 for everything that you have done for the crew!! 2

83427 joined our crew possibly almost two years ago. I still vividly remember my first mission with him. We were doing the old versus missions, and boy what fun that was. From then on, it only got better. We did many elite runs (including my own very first elite on the Fleeca heist). When we started the website, 83427 was an unstoppable force of ideas, comments, and useful feedback. For the crew logo, 83427 gave continuous tips, and our logo would not nearly look as good without his advice. As if that still wasn’t enough, 83427 also helped with recruitment. He also designed our really cool and sexy leathery website banner.

So, thank you so much 83427 for everything you’ve done for the crew over time. Thanks for your excellent service as commissioner and showing true leadership. Thanks for all the support you’ve provided, in words, and in actions. The memories of all the time spent together fill me with very warm fuzzy feelings.

As life moves on, so do the things that we want to, or have to, spend our time on. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope to see you active the crew again some day. Perhaps, this might be for GTA 6, or maybe even earlier – who knows! If you ever can spare a moment to join us for one of the crew events, it will always be a pleasure to see you around!!

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