Healthy living: fix your midsection 4

This Thursday, 9pm CET, I’m taking you all out to get healthy! We’ve got a snacking problem in the crew and it is time to start looking at healthy living! Got shot in the gut? Eat an apple, not a candy bar! Been in an epic fender bender? Don’t chug a can of cola, sip on a juice loaded with super fruits and nutrients served in a green rice paper cup!

In the pursuit of smaller midsections and appreciation of the natural beauty around us we’ll meet up by the orange stand in the hills above Los Santos on our bicycles, before taking them out for a spin up north towards Paleto Bay. Enjoying good times, friendly companionship, and beautiful vistas where we’ll take some group pictures! Finally we’ll end the day with a short playlist! If anyone has any particular sights they want to see let me know and we’ll see if we can incorporate it into the route!

And remember: As usual we’ll vote on the best costume, so make sure you colour coordinate your sweatband with your thousand dollar shades! Dress for a good strong workout!

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