The show must go on.

The show must go on… this Thursday

One thing is certain. The developer of our beloved game once more lost a good number of reputation points by banning, unbanning and re-banning innocent players. We find ourselves in a strange and insecure situation, forcing us to avoid public sessions. However, this cannot stop us from having crew events. And so, the show must go on, regardless!

This time, we have no dress code. Just take your favorite outfit and vehicle. First, we will celebrate Hegg’s and Doozle’s return. We shall assemble at the Galileo Observatory. Bring your fireworks and pisswasser for proper celebration! Next, I suggest that we do some random freemode stuff, such as motorcycle club challenges. Finally, we can do a short playlist with mostly adversary modes.

I am open to any further suggestions, even the wackiest ones. Finally, thanks to everyone who completed the doodle. I hope to see you at the event!

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