Cutest party ever – pink & tiny is beautiful! 2

In the city of Los Santos it’s really hard to find any shade of cuteness. But Ethical Retinue crew members once again proved that nothing is impossible. This time, Roof, Amorphis, Geg, Myst, Threep, Chevi, Doozle, Grey, Jeff, Witt, Mattie, Reacher, Sotnoose, Villem, Patrick, Raddest, Rochen, Termi, Dr.Insane and myself (sorry if I missed anyone, there were so many of us!) found their inner and outer beauty and participated in aforementioned cutest party ever.


We assembled at the playground located on Vinewood Hills. Guests arrived with their sweetest outfits and cars. Pinkness dominated the place, as well as tiny cars and colorful flares. We definitely caused the rainbow to bloom above us! A classic outfit voting contest followed, where me and Amorphis appeared to be cutest-looking players, scoring 10 votes. Then, we moved to the East Vinewood playground. Instead of swings and slides, we found some half-pipes, which were perfect for our tiny rides. After a small stunting session, we jumped to the playlist.


We started with Villem’s reverse truck driving capture, fun as always. My Issi Classic race created for the playlist followed, unsuprisingly won by Roof. There is nothing cuter than little Pantos playing football. In the first round, Rockstar’s coin toss decided who won, but in second round, Sotnoose scored a winning goal. We continued with bowling, where it appeared that a blitzkrieg strategy can still be useful. Next, we raced in my Faggio race around the city center, won by its creator. Finally, we played a capture on a Christmas tree with many clowns – hey, who said Christmas tree is not cute? ;)

Once again, Roof won the playlist ahead of me and Threep. Congratulations all on participating in the playlist, hope you had fun with all these jobs! For afterparty, we performed lawnmower strike in my race, broke some bones on a sumo LTS and battled in the almost forgotten Overtime Rumble adversary game mode.

The livestream can be found in the usual place. Thank you again all for joining and see you soon!

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