Ethical angel emblem at the facility.

Emblem celebration: ethical angel party this Tuesday 1

And we’re on for another crew event. This week, we’re on for something special. Following a heroic effort from @vill3m to improve our emblem, including repeated constructive input from many crew members, and two major design iterations, last Wednesday, the emblem vote came to a close. As the new emblem is now live in-game, this calls for a celebration!

Therefore, let us all assemble this Tuesday at 9pm CEST on Vespucci beach. As usual, we can start off with an angelic vehicle and outfit vote. Next, we plan to help everyone to find the higher spheres with free drinks and other heavenly pleasures in the bar of the White Angel yacht. Finally, we will move to an appropriately themed playlist. If you have any suggestions for the playlist, or ideas for freemode, be sure to drop me a message or to discuss it on the #event-planning channel on discord.

At this occasion, I’d like to invite everyone to join me in expressing a huge thanks to @vill3m for his non-stop effort, huge creative drive, superb engagement with all constructive comments, and for helping me to get the emblem actually onto social club. Thank you, @vill3m !

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