True ricers.

Who were the hardest ricers of the evening? 2

And we had another fantastic event! This time, we showed off and enjoyed our coolest ricers. Once again, thanks to all for joining: abdukov, alex, insane, hegg, jeff, tilly, mattie, quiomi, reacher, roof, salbezreh, threep, villem, donradkos, and lerni!

To begin, we ran a voting contest, where all demonstrated their most swaggy ricer modifications. Here, special mention goes to reacher for the cleverly enhanced spoiler, alex for the convenient kitchen timer, hegg for mounting a convenient toilet seat on the bonnet, and jeff for the custom no-rubber wheels. However, the hardest ricers were roof, tilly, and insane: well done swaggy friends!

Next, all ricers were invited to procure a Futo from the streets within 5 minutes. Unfortunately, the session trolled us with no Futo to be seen anywhere. Therefore, in extension time, the challenge was changed to a random sports car. Here, abdokuv, despite a late arrival, managed to come first with a beautiful black Coquette. Consequently, that earned him a rice exporter of the week title on discord: congratulations!

For the next challenge, after creating a nice circle with our cars on the parking lot, ricers tried to drift the most circles around yours truly. Surprisingly, the cops seized the opportunity but did not manage to drift much. The best drifters were jeffrey with 8 circles, consequently beaten by roof with no less than 12 circles! This earns roof a drift ricer of the week title on discord.

Finally, to end the freemode part, we riced our ricers to the Pier. There, reacher proved to be the fastest ricer of the day, earning him a corresponding title on discord. Indeed, well done!

Next, for the playlist, we riced some crew races, contributed by honki, jeff, roof, tilly, kassz, and heggi. Rather than going for the best time, we kept it chill and just tried to stay together as good as possible. By all means, special mention here goes to donradkos for defiantly bringing a tractor to a Faggio Grand Prix. Correspondingly, that earns him a well deserved tractor ricer of the week title!

To conclude, you can see some pictures below (many thanks to dr insane for providing about half of these!), and the stream is on twitch as usual. So, enjoy, and I already look forward to the next event!

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