Beach Bums coming this evening

November is ending, the winter is approaching. Let’s relive our greatest summer memories on today’s crew event.

We will assemble at the beach in Palomino Highlands. Make sure to bring your most stylish beach outfits, and if you have any vehicle that will fit the theme, make sure to bring it too. Instead of classic outfit voting contest, we will have a photographic competition. You’ll have 10 minutes to go on any beach around State of San Andreas, make a selfie and post it on #snapmatic channel on Discord. So make sure you join our server – the link can be found here. After that, we’ll move to beach-themed playlist.

As always, if you have any ideas for jobs or what shall we do during our meeting, don’t hesitate to contact me via Discord or comment underneath this post. Finally, thanks to everyone who completed a Doodle and see you at the party.

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