New Year party this evening

Anno Domini 2018 is over. We had 47 great events, on which we competed, laughed, raged, but what’s most important, we enjoyed playing together. We recruited almost 40 new members and our Discord server became a real communication center. That made passed year amazing and pity it has came to the end.

But now it’s time to celebrate the just started 2019. Rockstar kindly provided us with one more snowy day, so our first event in this year will take place in beautiful scenery. We will assemble at the top of Mount Josiah. Bring your most sleigh-looking vehicle. In case it is slow, I serve with my Cargobob (but anything heavier than bus will experience the power of gravity :D) It’s been a while since we had outfit an voting contest, right? So prepare your most flashy and colorful clothes. Let’s welcome the New Year with style. After that, we will do some freemode things, which will be a bit more unique, due to snowy weather. Maybe some impromptu races in the snow and snowball fights, or even snapmatic contest?

If you have any further suggestions on what shall we do during this evening, feel free to share them via event planning channel on Discord or PM me. Finally, thanks to everyone who completed a Doodle, to Doozle and Threep for some ideas on what shall we do today and see you soon.

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