The Return of ETCL Parodies in report

Inspired by past year’s equivalent event, we had another parodies party. And again, it abounded in many hilarious situations. But first things first.

We assembled at my penthouse in Diamond Casino. I welcomed Marwittiator, Matticher, Mystiya, Madebywood, Witthilya, Wittcher, Dr Villem and Roofledoo. Party in my penthouse was about to start, but Rockstar principals decided to parody themselves as well (as can be seen on header image…) and crashed host’s game. Thus, party was over sooner than it began. After my game crashed 2 more times, we moved on to the voting game, which resulted in many hilarious votes and respective roles on our Discord server. Next up, a little trivia about crew members. This time Doozle answered most question correctly as first and that grants him Swag of the week title on Discord.

When crash count reached 6, we moved to the playlist containing crew jobs:

  • Witt’s runner game with Dunes
  • My Cheburek sumo
  • Gloozy’s mountain race won by Witt
  • Mattie’s lumberjack deathmatch
  • Villem’s car delivery capture
  • Roof’s versus race won by Myst
  • Honki’s rooftop deathmatch
  • And finally, my Dozer downhill race won by Villem

Playlist was won by Myst, ahead of Witt and Mattie. Thanks again all for joining: Witt, Mattie, Myst, Threep, Reacher, Thitiya, Villem, Doozle, Roof, Lorsch, also to our guests: Kreed and DonTierra. Mattie’s recording can be found here. See you at the next party, folks!

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