Race Wars return on Tuesday!

Races are probably the second most popular game mode in GTA Online, just behind heists. What made them so popular is very friendly driving physics, as well as variety of cars and classes and almost unlimited possibilites provided by creator tool. One year ago, I came up with idea to have a racing playlist, in which we competed in teams. And I named this event “Race Wars”. On next Tuesday, a sequel to this successful event will take place.

Our meeting point will be picnic camp at south-east side of Mount Gordo, near facility. Same as in last year, bring your fastest supercars and Faggios. Don’t forget about your favourite racing outfits. Then, we will pick our cars for each of 8 races in the playlist. And so Race Wars will begin.

Now, some general info – please read the following list carefully:

  • I’ll divide you into teams, as I roughly know your racing skills. Of course, if you’d like to pick teams in different way, I am open for suggestions.
  • Teams should pick a colour that will be used as vehicle colour for entire playlist.
  • Before starting a playlist, I will type via in-game chat which vehicles are available for the race – that list can be also seen in table below. I’ll also share it on Discord just before event starts. Every teammate must take different car from mentioned, so each team will be racing with the same set of cars; violating this rule will result in penalty in the form of dividing scored points in the race by 2 (for one member, not whole team).
  • This year, for each selection of cars in given class, there will be 1 joker vehicle (a bit faster than others) and 1 outsider vehicle (slightly slower than others). Rest of vehicles are on similar level of pace.
  • Every participant must race with at least 1 joker and 1 outsider vehicle during the playlist.
  • There are eight tracks in the playlist – on each of them we will be racing with different car class – Compacts, Sedans, Muscles, Rally Classics, Bikes, Sports, Supers and one mysterious class 🙂
  • In order to maximize amount of time to pick a vehicle, after choosing a vehicle, please don’t press “ready” button on bets screen – as doing so can set timer to 10 seconds and consequently make time for decision much shorter. Just choose a car, press ready and on bets screen don’t press anything. Of course, while in lobby timer will be extended. We should have total of 90 seconds to remind everyone which car to pick + potential 60 seconds on vehicle-pick screen.
  • Race settings – non-contact, custom vehicles off, weather clear, daytime noon.
  • In case of uneven teams, arithmetic mean will be calculated as overall team score.

List of cars, depending on class, tracks and number of laps. Vehicles marked as green are joker ones, vehicles marked as red are outsider ones.

You can already start picking vehicles you like the most. Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who completed a doodle which helped me out with making early draft of teams. And to Doozle and Threep for helping out with featured image for this blog post. Start your engines. 3…2…1… and see you on Tuesday!

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