Race wars five – ready, set, go!

Race Wars are back with a bang! Especially, that this time the event will be co-hosted by Ibex & Witt. Sounds good? Of course! Sunday, 21:00 CEST is the time we start.

The idea remains unchanged. We split into teams, choose our cars and… race. But before that, we will meet at the parking lot in the middle of the casino racetrack. No dress code, no car code. Now, for the most important part: rules and game plan:

  • Party hosts are going to split you into teams, based on your skill.
  • A color will be assigned to each team and it will be used as a vehicle paintjob for the entire playlist. We’ll get colored outfits too for a nice group picture.
  • Major change for this year – instead of choosing cars for each race, each team member will be assigned with a set of cars. Therefore, the usual cars table won’t be revealed until the start of the event.
  • For each selection of cars in a given class, there will be 1 OP vehicle (faster than others) and 1 lemon vehicle (slower than others). Rest of vehicles are at a similar pace.
  • Most skilled will be assigned with a set with most lemons and vice versa.
  • In order to maximize the amount of time to pick a vehicle, after choosing a vehicle, please don’t press the “ready” button on bets screen – as doing so can set the timer to 10 seconds and consequently make the time for decision much shorter. Just choose a car, press ready and on bets screen don’t press anything. Of course, while in the lobby timer will be extended. We should have total of 90 seconds to remind everyone which car to pick + potential 60 seconds on the vehicle-pick screen.
  • In the lobby, for clarity, I’ll recall vehicle choices for everyone.
  • Race settings: non-contact, custom vehicles off, weather clear, daytime variable.
  • In case of uneven teams, arithmetic mean will be calculated as overall team score.
  • Link to the playlist

In order to maintain the smoothness of event flow, I am kindly asking you to not be late :) Thanks to everyone who completed the sesh poll, and we’re looking forward to seeing y’all at the party!

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