Exotic exports guide

This guide explains how to find all 10 exotic exports cars in a co-operative manner. Longbow wrote this guide, with feedback from saxtus, and additional edits by mattiejas. Saxtus, who has been running many of these events and who is a true expert on the topic, taught us most of the information here. In turn, saxtus learnt from basic, the supreme source of knowledge on exotic exports.


First of all, you must own an Auto Shop business with a functioning blackboard. To get the blackboard, you must complete the setup mission from KDJ (Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann) and at least one robbery contract after purchasing the auto shop. Once you have done this, a blackboard appears in your auto shop, upstairs on the right side, with a list of 10 cars.

The list changes on a daily basis. Every car you find and deliver to the docks will still appear on the board but as strikethrough. You can call Sessanta from your in-game phone and ask for the car list. This list will contain the cars that you still need to find, but will not contain cars that you have already delivered.

You must enable auto shop business gameplay, hide freemode events, and hide jobs. You can do so by setting the following under Map Blip Options in the Interaction Menu:

  • Rival Gameplay – Auto Shop Businesses: Show
  • Events – All Events: Hide
  • Jobs – All Jobs: Hide

The first option needs to be enabled to ensure exotic exports will show up for you. Sometimes events prevent exotic exports from showing, therefore we recommend to disable those. Finally, having jobs enabled can make it possible for exotic exports to disappear if they appear near or inside a job blip. So you best leave those disabled too.

Searching for cars

You can run, drive, or fly across the map searching for cars. On the left you can find one possible search pattern to look for the cars. You can find the exact spawn locations on gtaweb. They always spawn in the same order. However, this is not the order of the cars on the board, nor the order of cars sent to you by Sessanta. Instead, to learn the order, click on any car on gtaweb, and it will show you the daily list. You can use this to double check that you have not missed any.

If you fly, stay below 1,000 feet. Once you find a car, the mini-map will flash once and a blue dot will appear on it. Keep in mind that not all blue dots are exotic exports cars. They can also represent a skeleton, a guard, a crime scene, among many other things. To confirm that you found an exotic exports car, open the map, click on the blue dot and look at the map legend on the right.


Once you get into that car, a yellow anchor will appear on the docks located on the South side of the map. You must deliver the car to the staging area near this anchor. Note that the next exotic exports car will spawn in the session exactly 90 seconds after entering.

If the car explodes, drowns, or gets hijacked, it will be permanently lost to the session, same if you get killed or kicked out of session during the transport. Since disconnecting from a session is not uncommon, it is recommended to have another player follow you in their car during transit. If you disconnect, they can shoot your clone (who will hijack the car) and take the car back again.

For every car delivered, each player will get $20K, 1000RP, and 50 LS car meet rep. Delivering all 10 cars adds an additional $100K bonus.

You can lose a delivered car if your game crashes within a few minutes of delivering it and the game has not saved your progress. You can trigger a game save by changing outfit after delivering.

Co-operative exporting

Now, the good news: you can search and deliver co-operatively! Indeed, we do not deliver the cars in the session immediately. Instead, we bring each car to the docks, split the session, so that each event participant delivers it in their own session. This way, every participant gets to deliver all 10 cars and of course gets mentioned rewards. If you are near (say, within 30m of) any car whilst splitting, the car can despawn. So make sure you are away from the area where the cars are parked before splitting.

One person acts as session host. They keep the session intact, so the cars are guaranteed to spawn in order. They also watch the cars in the staging area so they do not despawn. Therefore, the session host does not split the session. Instead they wait until everyone has marked the car as delivered. Only then they deliver it (in the same session). If multiple cars are in the staging area, someone needs to watch the cars whilst the host delivers.


To sum it up:

  1. Find a blue dot and confirm it is an exotic exports car.
  2. Type and say “EF” (Exotic Found). Wait for someone to arrive at your location. The session host types the name of the car in discord to assist marking later.
  3. Bring the car to the South docks while another player follows you. They can help if your game crashes, or if another exotic exports blue dot spawns near you during transit. Everyone else also heads to the South docks.
  4. Do not deliver yet. Stop the car at the staging area in front of the yellow halo near the crane (not on the street, to avoid blocking traffic, which can cause chaos and destruction of the car).
  5. Get out of the car, and wait for the host to arrive (if they are not there yet). Confirm that you have no blue dots on your map (this will be another exotic exports car, someone needs to collect it before you split otherwise it will be lost). Once the host arrives to watch the cars, walk away from the car(s) (about 30m should be enough), split the session, and then deliver once you are in your own session. Optionally, trigger a game save by changing outfit after delivering.
  6. Mark the car you just delivered in discord.
  7. Rejoin the host’s session.

Happy exporting!

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