Next crew party & reflections on crew activities 2

First of all, in case you missed it in the forums, the next crew party will be held this Monday at 8:30pm CET. Looking forward to see many of you there!

The website went live exactly a week ago. How did we fare? Can we call it a success? What areas are left for improvement?

Personally speaking, I have been overwhelmed by the enormously positive response and support from all of you, in the crew, but also outside the crew! So many people have engaged, so much beyond initial expectation. Of most important mention is obviously the crew party. It was a huge success, and has been discussed already in some detail in another post so I will not dwell on it any further here.

The forums have seen a really large amount of activity. As I write this, we have no less than 22 topics and 91 replies, even though only few people participate. I would like to invite and encourage everyone who is not yet participating in the forums to give it a go. It is a nice way to get together and to get to know each other. Discussions have been ranging from practical matters such as crew party coordination and website suggestions, to ordinary things such as who we are, what music we are listening to, what hardware we have, and so on. It has been a very interesting and instructive week on the forum! Of particularly honourable mention is 83427’s unrelenting force in getting people together on the forum to discuss the most crazy things. Thanks 83!!

In-game, there has been a lot of stuff going around and obviously I am not aware of everything. FluffyFlurry and me started another Criminal Mastermind run this week, with two very kind and friendly souls from the Revenge Task Force crew. We hope to finish it this evening. CEPA-FIN, Gloozy, and Nopitch managed to get the Prison Break elite challenge, along with lkm-fi from Gentlemen Heist Team. Congratulations!! HonkiPonkiTorino and myself also managed to get the Series A elite, with the help of Gloozy and 83427. Gloozy hit the final checkpoint exactly as my timer was on zero. This left us in one of the most suspenseful Series A cutscenes ever. And we all know how long that cutscene lasts 🙂 ! I feel so sorry I cannot report more about other activities. So if you have any other noteworthy activities you’d like to report, do speak up in the comments below!

So, what’s ahead of us?

We have been thinking hard about making the website more accessible to people who are not so good in speaking English. Nopitch and SnackitWH have kindly volunteered to translate the static content of the website to French and to German respectively. I will translate to Dutch. In the course of next week, machine translation will be enabled, and then in the coming weeks we should manage to improve these translations to a respectable level. This will make it easier for non-English speakers to engage with the crew.

There is still quite a bit of experimentation going on with the website. So do not be surprised if something suddenly changes. It’s probably me trying out something new. We are doing our best to make the website more visual with screenshots and/or snapmatics, specifically for post images but also to spice up our static pages. In case you have good screenshots to share that might fit well with particular types of announcements or pages, also just let me know and if I can use it. I will be eternally grateful.

If you have any feedback on the website, please speak up on the forum. You can also leave a note in the comments below.

Peace out!

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