Make love with Wade in the Vanilla Unicorn.

Make love not war: join us this Sunday 8

You heard right: we’ll make love not war with the crew this Sunday! Once more, thanks to all for completing the doodle.

To match the event, we will assemble peacefully in Paleto Bay at Dignity Village. That’s the small hippy town next to the highway. If you have a Surfer, please bring it along! As for activities, we can sing some songs over the camp fire. Also, we can perform the jump glitch in Paleto Bay as it has been a while. An impromptu race along the beach could be pretty cool as well.

For the playlist, we will stick to peaceful jobs only, although some soft loving touches (boxing, anyone?) might be included. If you have any proposals for the playlist, let me know! Finally, as you noticed, I’ve been a bit slacking with pictures for the events in the last few weeks (still doing everything else though!). So if someone would want to volunteer to make some high quality screenshots (ideally 1440p), then please don’t feel shy to step up.

I am looking forward to seeing you all there!!

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